On-Site Learning

Training to Meet Your Business Needs

Want to increase the number of people receiving training in your business? The 皇冠hg3088推荐 can tailor courses to fit your specific needs and assist your company in making the best buying decision for your budget.

  • Designed for: Businesses looking for an educational supplement to professional training programs.
  • Objective: To provide training to those seeking high-quality education, while increasing both staff productivity and maintaining professional expertise in a cost-effective and flexible manner.
  • Quality: 皇冠hg3088推荐's On-site 皇冠hg3088推荐 Program features well-known national vendors, using products that have been subjected to a rigorous review and are designed to comply with the AICPA Statement on Standards for Formal Continuing Professional Education programs.
  • Cost effectiveness: On-site 皇冠hg3088推荐 enables busy professionals to stay up to date while utilizing valuable office time.
  • Is staff size an issue? The 皇冠hg3088推荐 can accommodate small-sized firms and businesses, too. Try On-site options A and/or D; small businesses may find ordering from the AICPA, Surgent 皇冠hg3088推荐 and K2 Enterprises Self-Study catalogs an appealing and workable option for group training as well as self-study.
  • Pricing: Pricing for On-site Programs varies according to the vendor, type of program ordered, discussion leader, option selected (see program options), and number of participants attending.

On-site Program Options

How to Order On-site 皇冠hg3088推荐

  • Step 1: Your training objectives and goals should be clearly defined. If you need assistance, call the 皇冠hg3088推荐. Determine your topics of interest and need (accounting and auditing, taxation, practice management, management, personal development, ethics, or specialized knowledge).
  • Step 2: Choose your On-site program option - select Option A, B, C, or D from above.
  • Step 3: Contact the On-site Representative at the 皇冠hg3088推荐 Professional Development Division at / , ext. 3; profdev@seranker.com.