Information for Designated Administrators

What is a Designated Administrator?

Designated Administrators have special privileges and powers to manage their business at 皇冠hg3088推荐. You must be identified as an administrator in the Society's database, and you must login to to access the many administrative functions listed below. 

As a Designated Administrator you can:

Manage your company details in My Business

  • Invite an individual to join your business (or any branch of your business)
  • Remove an individual from your business (or any branch)
  • Update business/firm information (address, phone, etc.)
  • Add a branch office

Manage dues and 皇冠hg3088推荐 and Events registration for employees 

  • Pay dues for any 皇冠hg3088推荐 members at any branch of your business
  • Register any individuals from your business (or any branch) for 皇冠hg3088推荐 courses or 皇冠hg3088推荐 events via the online catalog.

When logged in a as a designated administrator, you will be able to register several employees simultaneously by selecting multiple names from a list on the course or event webpage.

If you're a Designated Administrator at a public accounting firm, you can also:

  • Apply for your firm to become an 皇冠hg3088推荐 Firm Member (free)
  • Enroll or update your firm in the Find-a-CPA Directory
  • Pay your firm peer review fees

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Need more information? To learn more about being a designated administrator, contact Member Services, / , ext. 4.

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